Socorro New-Mexico, Magma Body

The Socorro New-Mexico, Magma Body.

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This study focus is “Socorro New-Mexico, Magma Body. The explosion of Yellowstone theorized to cause -29 Celsius cold and famine worldwide. Socorro New-Mexico, Magma Body is connected to the Yellowstone Magma Body deep beneath the earth’s crust is theorized.

Socorro Magma Body—What it is and the monitoring strategy

IRIS Earthquake Science

Published on Feb 18, 2015
 Animation of seismic project. The Socorro Magma Body, New Mexico is the 2nd largest magma body within continental crust in the world. It is inflating the earth’s surface at a rate of about 1.5–2 mm/year, as measured since 1911. Dr. Susan Bilek, colleagues, and teams placed 7 broadband seismometers, plus a dense array 800 vertical-component seismometers to look at seismicity and deformation around the Socorro New-Mexico Magma Body.
Animation by Jenda Johnson, Earth Sciences Animated for IRIS Interview of Dr. Susan Bilek, New Mexico Tech Photographs courtesy Mouse Reusch, PASSCAL Project is a collaboration between New Mexico Tech, University of New Mexico, and Colorado State University Acknowledgments: Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, the PASSCAL Instrument Center which supplied broadband seismometers and facilitated use of 800 Nodes from Nodal Seismic, and the National Science Foundation.

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