Riots Military PMC Killing Civilians Economic Collapse

Venezuela’s New Law:

Will Punish News-Medias Instigating Hate and Violence.

Venezuela: Riots Military PMC Killing Civilians Economic Collapse

In this photo above the Venezuelan President appears he eat very good food, cause he is over-weight. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s war against his rival oppositions.

Venezuela’s all-powerful constitutional assembly passed a national law Wednesday incarcerates social media and broadcasters alike by ordering prison sentences of up to 20 years or more for news that instigates hate-crimes and riots.

In this photo above is the constitutional assembly that created the new-law of anti-hate-crimes, anti-violence that the German owned news-medias continuously broadcast, damn German Nazi’s.

The law, passed rousing applause and flag-waving on the chamber floor. Public and private MSM News outlets are “obligated to broadcast messages aimed at promoting peace, tolerance, equality and respect,” the law says.

The government is mainly interested in controlling social media and broadcasters, with brief mention of law passed in newspapers. Printing presses and publications are obliged to print the new anti-hate law for all citizens.

The photo above captures all the wealthiest people of Venezuelan constitutional assembly praising victory over the German Own, Funded, and Operated MSM News & Social Medias.

Venezuelan government law measure drew swift criticism from international human rights advocates said. “This law cracks down on dissent by criminalizing peaceful protests, the hallmark of a democratic society.”

A key public forum for Venezuelans to express themselves with shrinking free speech hate-crime avenues,” said Jose Miguel Vivanco of the New York-based Human Rights Watch-Dog.

Government of Venezuela said. Backers of socialist President Nicolas Maduro accuse opponents of belong to AntiFa fascist/AFA types spreading hateful messages.

Keep The wealthy Fat-Cats richer with this new-law in the photo above is Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The law also targets political parties that promote “fascism, intolerance or national hate-crimes upon those practicing free speech.” This law is prohibiting citizens from registering with the government-stacked National Electoral Council.

This all appears aimed at President Nicolas Maduro’s opposition parties that claim council officials commit fraud in regional elections won handily by pro-government candidates for years.

Opposition party leaders have vowed not to participate in upcoming municipal elections.

Venezuelan Bolivarian Army soldiers lineup to vote for the constitutional assembly outside of a poll station in Caracas, Venezuela, Sunday, July 30, 2017.

“This new-law suppressing our free-speech will silence us?” Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado said. “We are not afraid of them.”

This law requires ISP and social media accounts to immediately remove any posts that instigate hate-crime and or violence. It also calls for the creation of a commission to enforce the anti-hate law, which carries punishments of 10 to 20 years or life in hard labor prison.

People hold placards at a rally to pay tribute to victims of violence hate-crime brought about by the German owned and operated news-and social medias.

The new pro-government constitutional assembly was installed in August 2017 and given unlimited powers. Many foreign governments consider the assembly illegitimate reminds many of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.

Constitutional assembly President Delcy Rodriguez, who oversaw the law’s passage, defended it as sending a strong message to all citizens anyone promoting hate-crimes, violence instigating war against Venezuela will face prison time. Rather, citizens should spread of “messages of peace, love and kindness” she said.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro delivers his final political law enforcing blow to free speech in Caracas. This is the end of freedom for all Venezuelan peoples of South America.

“This is a law that promotes peaceful coexistence,” she said. “Something that the world needs precisely in these moments when the big-devils imperialism powers threaten with more war.”

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