Bigelow Aerospace Convinced of ALIEN Presence On Earth

Early life, Education Brief-Profile of Robert Bigelow:

Robert Bigelow


Robert Bigelow, (Born 1945), is an American businessman and creator of Bigelow Aerospace in 1999.

He owns the hotel chain Budget Suites of America and is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace.[1] [2] 

Bigelow grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, attended Highland Elementary School, and was first exposed to science through witnessing—from a distance—a number of the atomic tests conducted about 70 miles northwest of the city.

Bigelow recounts that at age 12 he “decided that his future lay in space travel.

Despite his limitations [in mathematics, and] he resolved to choose a career that would make him rich enough that.

Oone day, he could hire the scientific expertise required to launch his own space program.

Until then, he would tell no one—not even his wife—about his ultimate goal”.[3]

He entered the University of Nevada, Reno in 1962 to study banking and real estate, and he graduated from Arizona State University in 1967.[3]


After many years from the late 1960s[3] through the 1990s developing commercial real estate hotels, motels and apartments,[4] Bigelow founded Bigelow Aerospace in 1999[5]

In his real estate career, Bigelow built approximately 15,000 units, and purchased another 8,000.

For most of his career, “he held on to almost everything he bought, but … eventually unload[ed] much of his housing stock in the boom years immediately before the 2008 crash“.

In 2013, Bigelow reflected on this: “People just really wanted to throw money away, …

So that was lucky.”[3]

In 1995, Bigelow founded the National Institute for Discovery Science to research and advance study of various fringe sciences and paranormal topics, most notably ufology.[6]

The organization researched cattle mutilation and black triangle reports, ultimately attributing the latter to the military.[7]

The institute was disbanded in 2004.

Bigelow Aerospace has indicated that he plans to spend up to US$500 million to develop the first commercial space station, the amount that NASA expended on a single space shuttle mission.[8]:10

Bigelow Aerospace has launched two experimental space modules, Genesis I and Genesis II, and has plans for full-scale manned space habitats to be used as orbital hotels, research labs and factories.[9]

Bigelow’s BEAM module was launched to the International Space Station[4] on April 8, 2016, on the eighth SpaceX cargo resupply mission.[10]

In 2013, Bigelow indicated that the reason he went into the commercial real estate business was to obtain the requisite resources to be able to fund a team developing space destinations.[4]

Bigelow was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM in March 2013.

In May 2017, Bigelow appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes and said he was “absolutely convinced’ there were extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.[11]

Bigelow Aerospace, Robert Bigelow Convinced Of ALIEN Presence On Earth

Robert Bigelow, the mogul, and entrepreneur of Bigelow Aerospace conducted an interview with 60 Minutes, and he talked about the fact that he is convinced that aliens have visited Earth in the past.

Executive Of Aerospace Totally Convinced Aliens Have Been To Earth The majority of the segment had been focused on Bigelow Aerospace based in Las Vegas, and NASA is in partnership, and they are developing an expandable craft that will be used by humans in space.

Bigelow has visions that reach far, and they have him set right in the middle of privatization of space, but he is racing against people that include Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

Expandable System For Humans In Space And Obsession With Aliens Bigelow went on to talk about the expandable system that would be used on space flights for humans in the future.

But more interesting to believers is the fact that he went on to talk with Lara Logan about the obsession that Bigelow seems to have when it comes to aliens and UFOs.

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Bigelow was asked by Logan whether or not he believed in aliens and his reply was that he was convinced they were real and he went on to say that that was all there was to it.

Logan then continued digging by asking if he believed that aliens had visited Earth by way of UFOs.

Robert, of Bigelow Aerospace,  went on to say that there had been and still is an existing presence of aliens.

He said that he had spent a great deal more time; perhaps more than any other individual in the US had spent on the subject of UFOs and aliens.

Bigelow Does Not Care What Others Think And It Would Not Change Reality The interviewer then asked if he thought that it was risky to say that he believed in aliens and UFOs in public.

The reply of Bigelow was that he did not give a damn what other people thought, he said that he did not care what they thought.

Logan asked if he wasn’t worried about what other people might say and Bigelow said that he did not care and that it would not make any difference.

He finished by saying that it would not make a difference and it would not change the reality of what he believed and knew.

Bigelow stopped short of elaborating on the kind of results that he achieved through his UFO research, which has been very well funded.

He was questioned about space missions and asked if he thought that space missions in the future would mean that people would have encounters with aliens.

In answer to this Bigelow said that people did not have to go anywhere, he said that it was already under the noses of people.

Bigelow, (of Bigelow Aerospace), and Leir Talked About Turkey UFO Sighting Bigelow would not talk about his personal UFO encounters.

Hhowever, he did go into more elaborate details about aliens, UFOs and private space industry when he was interviewed by George Knapp for Coast to Coast AM along with Dr. Roger Leir.

During this interview, Dr. Roger Leir had talked about an amazing UFO sighting that he had been able to witness when attending a UFO conference in Istanbul.

Leir said that he was with people who had been video recording the sighting in 2009 and had seen the sighting himself.

He went on to say that the UFO had appeared at first to be in the shape of a boomerang, but then went on to say that it may have been a just a portion of a cylindrical object.

Using a 200x optical lens, the camera captured a lot of details, and when the image was analyzed, Mario Valdes had said that it suggested as though the occupants of the UFO were visible.

Video Captures Alien UFO Occupants With Large Heads And Almond Shaped Eyes The occupants were described as having large heads with eyes that were almond shaped.

Leir said that the sightings in Turkey might have been as prevalent as there are a lot of uranium deposits around the region and the visit may have been related to something that was nuclear.
Leir then went on to discuss disclosure along with talking about which of the countries are more open on that issues and then talking about his work to remove alien implants. Full Transcript of the interview: Logan: “Do you believe in aliens?”
Bigelow: “I’m absolutely convinced.
That’s all there is to it.”
Logan: “Do you also believe that UFOs have come to Earth?”
Bigelow Aerospace: “There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence.
And I spent millions and millions and millions ― I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.”
Logan: “Is it risky for you to say in public that you believe in UFOs and aliens?”
Bigelow: “I don’t give a damn.
I don’t care.”
Logan: “You don’t worry that some people will say, ‘Did you hear that guy, he sounds like he’s crazy’?”
Bigelow: “I don’t care.
It’s not gonna make a difference.
It’s not gonna change reality of what I know.”
Logan: “Would future space missions result in encounters between humans and aliens?”
Bigelow: “You don’t have to go anywhere.
It’s just like right under people’s noses.”

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